Our Services

Our team of Organisational Psychologists offer expert scientific solutions to help clients navigate through the complex and dynamic personal work environment.



COVID-19 Mental Health Support
We offer work-related mental health services, advice and support to our clients. As a registered Essential Services Provider this can be done either virtually or face-to-face.




Psychometric Assessment
We offer advanced psychometric assessment services to assist individuals and organisations with talent management, pre-screening, selection, development and various related interventions.




Change Management

We assist organisations during this highly volatile period (Covid-19 and beyond) with creating change interventions and implementing strategies for effecting change, controlling change and helping people to adapt to change.




Organisational & Team Development
Our consultants help clients to improve the effectiveness of organisations through developing solutions for both business and people processes within the context of the organisation.




Leadership Coaching &Development
Here our goal as psychologists are to build a leader’s capability to achieve short and long-term organisation goals. Included here are emotional intelligent, problem solving and systems thinking coaching.




Talent Management
We offer various talent management solutions, which include recruitment and selection, succession planning, graduate training, work force planning and performance management.




Employee Wellness and Resilience

As Psychologists we have various wellness interventions ready to implement. Apart from employee assistance programmes, we also offer training on resilience, emotional wellbeing and self-compassion.




Individual and Personal Growth
Do you feel stuck? We offer coaching and counselling to individuals that find themselves in need of developing positive life skills and a realistic and healthy self-esteem.




Career Guidance and Counselling

We can help you to navigate the world of careers, whether it is finding your ideal career/job, making a transition, identifying your strengths, weaknesses, skills and abilities, or to just grow in your current position, we can help.




About Us


Established by Sonica Mouton an Industrial Psychologist, Synchropsych together with its
associates consists out of highly experienced Industrial Organisational Psychologists and Psychometrists.


Combined we have a broad amount of experience that ranges from
the public sector right through to the private sector.



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